Improving your health and happiness today

6 week Mindfulness Meditation course

Mindful I is a form of mindfulness meditation. It is a good introduction to the principles of mindfulness and how to practise meditation.

If you are looking for a proactive way to manage stress, find an inner peace and calm and the potential to feel happier and healthier this course may for you.

The 6 week courses began in 2014 and quickly grew in popularity with many people attending more than one course. 

The 6 week course includes guidance on how meditation can affect our internal physiology helping to manage the fight or flight response. This is activated when we feel stressed or anxious and may create physical symptoms such as racing heart, shallow breath nausea, muscle tension, headaches and panic attacks. During this stress response our bodies secrete hormones such as Cortisol. High levels of Cortisol may affect our longterm health.

The 6 week course may give you the tools to effectively build physical and emotional resilience to pressure and stress.