To have a healthy body we need a healthy mind.

Pilates and Mindfulness meditation focus on training and re- educating the brain.

Pilates trains the brain to recruit deep stabilizing muscles that protect the body from injury.Often these are not automatically used in daily movement and the outer global muscles work without us having to consciously think about them.

Mindfulness meditation trains the brain to focus on the present moment, not the past or future. Through re-educating the brain to focus on the present and increasing awareness about how to control negative automatic thoughts, happiness and wellbeing can be improved.

Only you can control your health and wellbeing.

Use Pilates and Mindfulness Meditation as a portal to achieve a healthier, happier more contented you.


' I have no words to thank you for what you did for us and for what you taught us. It has been so valuable and helpful. ' Mr & Mrs V (2016)

The Mindful I course was better than I expected. It has helped me feel less stressed and calmer in my everyday life'. Aleena (2016)

' When I have restless nights I can now zone out and put those niggling thoughts in a handbag outside my bedroom door – and they actually stay there!' Mary-Jane (2015)

'I have used the strategies from the course in my working life, which has enabled me to be much calmer when under stress and in difficult situations.' Julie (2014)

''The class felt trance like and time flew! Demystified mindfulness and wasn't as hard as expected.' Mark (2014)

'I have found a way to reduce anxiety and stress in an enjoyable way, which isn't hard work and can be used on a daily basis'. Lorette (2014)